“Other single mums seem to manage just fine across the country but you don’t”

This was said to me. 
It has gone over and over in my mind a lot. Someone’s flippant comment can have extraordinary repercussions on ones mind. 

It hit a raw nerve for me, of not feeling good enough, which I try to quieten everyday with my own mind battles. It instantly made me cry and then made me really angry that someone thought they had the right to say that to me. 

I then stepped away and thought it through. This was a very shameful sentence to say out loud to me. It felt undermining and unfair.

Iv been reading the amazing Brene Brown books of vulnerability and shame. Shame is a very interesting emotion we face. How we interpret it and how we then deal with it.

Iv had to work hard on my inner dialogue of self worth and to hear this comment I had to work very hard to tell myself “I do my best for my son and I work really hard for him to have a roof over his head and food on the table, people’s comments don’t define what I do, I need to know and have faith in what I do.” 

It’s sad to think someone feels that way about me and i felt attacked and the only single mum that didn’t have her shit together. What the hell? Do all single mums know what they are doing? Am I the only failure? 

Wow. I needed to stop the questions! 

So what I have done is taken on the path way of keeping strong with what I know I am and what I do for my boy. 

Life isn’t easy, you just need to put all efforts into what’s most important and over come people’s words. 

They are just words, stand your sacred ground. 

You are more than that 🦋

Be strong 💛

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