The Oh’s 

The language we speak…have you listened to how you tell stories, how you portray feelings through your words. Have you noticed a pattern or heard how you convey your words? 

I discovered very early on in my self worth journey, that when I spoke; “Oh” was a BIG word I used in my vocabulary. When I explained something happening to me or if I didn’t agree or questioned what was happening I would reply “oh” inviting in the uncertainty of my mind.

It channelled a negative inner dialogue which emotionally I took personally, that it was something I had done or deserved. Spiralling into an instant habit that manifested over years within my confidence.

The discovery of this made me see how much I lost faith in myself and self-worth when people questioned me on my performance, behaviour or actions in certain situations.

It would lead me to think 

“what must I have done?” 

“why have they questioned me?”

 and it was a critical response inside of me, that I had done something wrong in some way.

This saddened me to think I did not have much faith in myself or actions to stand up and face what I knew. I questioned myself and tried to look at other people’s perspective of me before my own truth. 

I had lost faith in my own belief, my self esteem was low.

I decided to recognise when I used the “oh ok” (sometimes an ok would slide in there!) and heard it when I thought/felt I wasn’t good enough.

So since recognising my words, I now identify when I’m about to say it and change the way I respond. Wow, it so hard to break a habit!!

I notice the way I feel and guide myself to not rush into the instant habitual response and wait.

Gaining strength from within, my self-belief started by changing the way I used my words. A small change can lead you into the direction you need to discover within yourself.

You are good enough and the person who needs to realise it is…. You.

Listen to your words and make a change. 

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