The struggle you are in today is developing your strength you need for tomorrow


Hard work. I once said I’m tired of struggling, and their response was “keep struggling.” YES. Keep climbing and keep fighting as you are not giving up when all you want to do is just that. The battle of emotions.

When my marriage got taken from beneath me, I needed to do something for my son and me. So about 4 months after the ‘shock’ I booked for us to take a trip together for a week in Morocco. I met a lady out there who told me “I promise you, you are going to be ok. You are going to be ok” These words repeated over in my head. She came from a marriage of 10 years with three children; her husband left for America and never came back and met a 16yr old girl and now has no contact with his kids . When I heard this it hit me hard, the whole fact of an uncontrollable act with devastating consequences, from someone’s selfish decision.

She had gone through some torment and shock from her past and she could sense my lost emotions and questions of what is it going to be like now…as she had gone through those struggles.

Those words have never left me and I thank her for telling me those simple words. If you feel you need to say something to someone in a positive light then I recommend you do so, from just smiling or saying hi, to speaking and letting them know there are good people out there. Things happen in lots of crazy and unfair ways sometimes. A simple act of kindness can really change someone’s day or even affect them for life like this lady has for me.

Thank you 🙂

First things first…

Hi there,
I wanted to start writing a blog to express all my thoughts and questions I have on lots of different emotions you feel when life happens, and if I can help even just one person through my struggles and discoveries then it will be all worth it.
The last 4 years have been a difficult and challenging time for me and this set me on the journey of self discovery and healing.
I am a very passionate person and want to do my absolute best in this ever changing world. I am a mum of a beautiful 4yr old boy, a blessed title and the main reason I fight and keep smiling.
I want to help people in difficult situations faced upon us every day and create a support network to let people know…they are not alone.
Gin and Tiaras, why? I love gin I love tiaras, they have helped me through some curve balls, and they make me feel better 🙂 special shout out to them.