Questions!! Why is this happening to me? How did it happen?

The never ending questions that can circulate the mind. Endless roads and thoughts, where do they lead? How does it help us?
My mind is always analysing and looking for answers. One of the hardest things I’ve worked on (and still do every day!) is quietening those voices, or acknowledging them, then letting them go. Easier said than done for sure!

I got told once to write things down (hello blog!) and I started writing in my book which is next to my bed, named ‘story of a broken heart’- to the point kind of title. When my husband left me I did not know where to turn or what to do, so I spilled it all out in this book, sometimes it was hard to write the things I was feeling down. For me this helped me a lot to get things out of my head. I even, a few times, recoded myself talking it all out on camera (heavens know where this is right now!)

I have caught myself obsessing over the question in my head going nowhere and I’v literally got to shout STOP!! JUST STOP!

One good question to ask is.. “how are these questions helping me right now?”

Practise quietening the questions…discover what works for you and KEEP GOING!!

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