Poem of a broken heart πŸ’”Β 

How can someone say they love you but not care for you…

How can they kiss you and know their deceit…

How can they hold you and know they long for someone else…

How can they promise you the world and rip it apart…

How can they share dreams and then destroy dreams…

How can they contribute to a life and leave without a thought…

How can they help others but not comfort you…

How can they fall in love but not preserve their love….

How can you leave us and never look back….

                                       Gin&Tiaras πŸ¦‹

Time can heal even the deepest of wounds but time will never give us the understanding of others bad decisions…just the hope that realisation crosses their path into their chosen reality. 

Release the darkness. 

2 thoughts on “Poem of a broken heart πŸ’”Β 

  1. We can only choose our own path and emotions, not make decisions for others and how they live, love and feel. That is the hard bit – being true to yourself, with no expectations from others.

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